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Swans get more money for new entrance

21st March, 2019

Barton Town have received a £50,000 grant from North Lincolnshire Council to help the Swans build a new entrance at the Easy Buy Stadium.

It will be added to the £100,000 that they received from the Premier League through the Football Stadia Improvement Fund earlier this month.

The new entrance will be located at the opposite end of the ground, off Pasture Road, with the current one being turned into a pedestrian-only gateway into the stadium.

A statement on the club's website said: "Work is already underway, with hopes of completion for some time in pre-season.

"The new entrance will be more accessible for fans and will be easier to locate for away fans who may be unfamiliar with the town.

"Barton Town prides itself on being a community club, and to receive a grant from the local council shows that they believe we are doing our best to serve the community and bring top level football to the town.

"The receiving of two grants from such respected bodies is testament to the hard work being done behind the scenes by our volunteers and committee members.

"A lot of hard work has gone into the applications for these grants and it is thanks to them that these plans are now coming to fruition."

Barton Town Chairman Mark Gregory added: "It is fantastic news to receive this grant, and my most sincere thanks go to the North Lincolnshire Council for awarding us this £50,000 grant.

"I would also like to thank the people behind the scenes who have all worked so hard to help us receive this grant.

"We are in a very privileged position to have such committed and hard-working volunteers and committee members that all share my vision of taking Barton Town Football Club to a higher standard.

"Itíll be touch and go but we hope to have the new entrance completed by September.

"We are a community club, a local club, and we want to create something that the town of Barton will be proud of.

"I want to thank everyone associated with the club for their support."

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