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League Cup extra-time clarification

13th August, 2021

The Toolstation NCEL has clarified the situation regarding extra-time in the League Cup following confusion earlier this week.

It comes after two ties on Wednesday were level after ninety minutes, with one tie going straight to penalties whilst the other went into extra-time.

As the league's Secretary was on holiday for a few days at the start of the week, clubs who queried the competition's format were instructed to agree between themselves whether their ties should go straight to penalties or not.

We believe this happened in both of the above matches.

At a league Management Committee meeting last night, it was decided that, going forward, no extra time will be played if ties are level after 90 minutes - the match should be decided by penalties.

This is in line with a vote that took place at the 2019 AGM where clubs opted to abolish extra-time but this was not reflected in our Cup Rules in this year's Handbook.

The online handbook will be updated with the new rule as soon as possible and all match officials will be advised accordingly.

All results from matches already played will stand.

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